LiaRose Bath Bombs & Crumble


How to use: Place The bath bomb in the bath. Enjoy & watch the bath bomb fizz and foam. Relax & soak in the bath. Once finish empty the bath & give the bath a quick rise.

*Be extra careful when stepping out of the bath as the bath may be a little slippery! Bath care: Some of our bath bombs may leave a ring of colour around your tub – don’t worry these bombs do not stain! Any colour residue can be removed simply with a hand towel with some soapy warm water.


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Pink & Yellow Dinosaur  (Flavour – Lemonade Icy Pole)

Ice Cream – (Flavour – Cotton Candy)

Blue Dinosaur – (Flavour -Bubblegum)

Butterfly – (Flavour – Frangipani)

Crocodile – (Flavour – Monkey Farts)

Peppa Pig – (Flavour – Strawberry)

Rex Dinosaur – (Flavour – Blue Slushie)

Boo the Ghost – (Flavour – Hibiscus & Coconut)

Mummy – ( Flavour – Rainbow Sherbet)




Bunny ( Flavour – Berry Burst)

Gingerbread (Flavour – Raspberry Vanilla)

Rudolph (Flavour – Rainbow Sherbet)
Candy Cane (Flavour – Green Apple)


Boo the Ghost – (Flavour – Hibiscus & Coconut)

Mummy – ( Flavour – Rainbow Sherbet)

Mini Egg Carton  Flavour:

  • Green – Mermaid Kiss
  • Blue – Blue Slushie
  • Orange – Sex on the beach
  • Pink – Pink Mos
  • Purple – BRV
  • Yellow – Monkey Farts



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Dinosaur, Ice Cream, Rudolph, Gingerbread, Easter Bunny, Mini Egg Carton, Peppa Pig, Icecream, Butterfly, Bath Crumble, Crocodile, Yellow Pink Dinosaur, Boo the ghost, Mummy, Candy Cane, Pikachu, Bluey, TMNT


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